What it's all about

So, what is this whole thing about, anyway?

I don't know how you got here without being at least a little aware of what this is, but whatever. This is a website based on the extremely succesful and lucrative party game 'Which One Vapes?!' invented by the Mcelroy Brothers in episode 321 of their podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

The idea was initially made a reality by one Aubron Wood, but has since ceased functioning, and since I was not able to take part in this tremendous party game while it was still up, I took it upon myself to make my own, new and improved version.

Info and images are mostly courtesy of famousbirthdays.com, as for some reason they seem to have the biggest database of celebrities on the internet. The podcaster info is courtesy of Wikipedia.

So, why did you bother to make this, anyway?

Because it was a fun challenge, I wanted to take part in the greatest game of all time, and because I wanted to learn more about working with databases.  
This one's just for laughs. Not legally binding.

What's with all the Matt Doyles?

Any person which the image database did not have an image for, I replaced it with a random image of Matt Doyle. This is in reference to the lovely instance in MbMbaM 400 where Justin kept thinking people were Matt Doyle.

I have been super impressed by this website, how can I give you money to keep these amazing projects?

To help me keep the lights on and maintain this site and others, you can buy me a coffee